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We hope to give you a few idea's that might get you thinking about what approach you should take for your own projects, whether they be business or personal, so you don't have to be running to catch up to the latest and most effective strategies.


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Campaigns that worked to improve sales last year are now in need of adjustments. New ways to present messages and ideas are in demand and need the flexibility to change form. The modern day consumer is more sophisticated than ever before, and has millions of options to go to online. They are quick to click away from anything that smells too much like an advertising or marketing gimmick. 

   More often than not, especially amongst the millennials, adblockers and pop-up blockers are being employed. This means that paid advertisements are taking longer to get the impressions they desire and boosts the growing importance of having a competent SEO strategy for any website that is looking to move product or services. Sometimes just the aid of an SEO Consultant can be a huge benefit.



In the 20th century, marketing looked vastly different than it does today, in the 21st century. In the past, marketing was accomplished throw a few standard means.



1. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a traditional form of marketing that was used in the 20th century, although it's still popular today. By telling a family member, friend or associate and by them spreading the information to others, word of mouth has proven to be an effective tool for marketing. However, the form is limited by its scope and does not spread anywhere near as quickly as marketing on the Internet.

2. TV Advertisements

Another popular kind of marketing in the 20th century are TV commercials, which, like word of mouth, are still used today. However, with the advances in TV, allowing people to record programming that they desire, along with fast forwarding past commercials, television ads are not as effective as they used to be. Also, TV ads are the most expensive form of advertisement.


3. Billboards, Magazine and Newspaper Advertisements

Another popular form of advertising in the 20th century, still used today, are billboards, newspaper and magazine advertisements. Although these kinds of advertisements are still used today, they are limited in their scope. Also, magazines and newspapers are a print form, and print forms are becoming less and less popular to Internet forms.

Many businesses still use the traditional forms of advertising. However, changes in marketing since the rise of the Internet are significant and are used by professionals as well as corporate businesses and organizations across the globe.

The changes in marketing with the onset of the Internet are as follows:

1. Social Media

Social media is by far one of the most significant changes in marketing since the onset of the Internet. Some of the most popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and more. Some of these social media sites are so popular that professionals are expected to have a presence on at least some of them. In fact, social media is often the first place that a person checks before they check anywhere else on the Internet.

For example, a business that offers a product or service, will likely also have a presence on both Facebook and Twitter and will be expected to have such a presence by customers. Depending on the business, they may also have a presence on a site such as Instagram, where images of their business, as well as their product or service, could be shown rather than just talked about.

2. Websites

What every business in the 21st century is expected to have is a website. Although sometimes just having a presence on a social media site is enough for some businesses, most will have a website as well as a presence on social media. A professional business that has a website will have a website that is professional laid out and enticing to customers and potential customers. It will include certain colors that are associated with the business as well as the company logo. This becomes a home base for marketing to the public and is where marketing begins. However, no website will be a useful marketing tool without the use of search engine optimization. So not only will sites appear on the Internet, but the most effective websites will also be search engine optimized.

3. Blogs

A blog is not the same as a website, although they are often part of websites. Blogs are used to convey one's thoughts, to give the public information and more. Blogs are a product of the Internet and are a significant way for people to communicate with others. Although they are not as popular as in the past due to the onset of social media, they are still a significant t part of marketing for a company that offers a product or service. When a company has a blog, they typically use it to explain their product or service further to bring in more customers.

4. Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is also a product of the Internet and a way for a professional to market. The benefit of instant messaging is that a company professional can talk to a person in real-time. Therefore, instant messaging is particularly useful for solving problems or for answering questions that a potential client may have. Often instant messaging becomes part of the ordering process to help a customer with any questions or issues they may have.

5. Videos

Video sites such as YouTube or Vimeo are a way for businesses to upload videos of their business include videos of their products or services. This gives people a visual of what is gong on with a business, whether it's to introduce people to a product or service, show how a product or service is used, or in any way to use a video. Videos are also used as commercials for a company without the high price of television ads. If a company is skilful of how to introduce a video to the public through keywords, etc., they can make their videos go viral and reach thousands if not millions of people.

Changes in marketing due to the Internet are important for business professionals to know. The Internet is always changing, and it is important for professionals to stay abreast of the changes in the Internet. The public is keen to jump on the next popular Internet service, and if such a service is essential for marketing, a company must know about it and must know if such a service is right for their business. There are millions of companies out there, some offering the same kind of service. Expert marketing, by use of the Internet, can give a company a competitive edge over a business with a similar product. As a company grows in size, it is typical for a company to hire a professional to handle not only the website but also the social media sites.