DPL Marketing is the brainchild of Roger and Elsa. Both of whom worked in the marketing and advertising sectors for a few years and witnessed the dynamic changes to the industry spurred on by the internet, and maturing consumer. We watched how advertisements were evolving constantly. Roger had a collection of old world war 2 advertisements in his den and we would often chuckle at how evident the propaganda was within the posters. This got us both thinking and studying how different advertisers were approaching things in subsequant decades? 

    What struck us is how easy it was to see the agenda behind the older marketing models and how easy it was to see the misinformation within the copy. This got us thinking about how much more sophisticated the advertisements had become, and how the consumer of any given era didn't really recognize the agenda of the marketing clusters in their present day. Only in hindsight did they look at the ads as obviously false or straight out ridiculous.

    In turn we started to use our combined experience to break down the modern day advertising techniques being used and also how long they remained effective until the market became saturated with the message and the technique of its delivery.

     Thus DPL Marketing was born. Not as a business, but as a method to teach and dissect the techniques that are now changing faster than ever. We hope to help you come up with a few idea's for your marketing campaigns and also aid you in spotting those out right deceptive commercials. The new ways is to educate your market and we hope to help.

     This is a side project for me so I will add info as I can. I hope you enjoy.

Elsa Spooner.