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Advertising and marketing trends are constantly evolving as new technology comes out. Not only do the trends emerge when new technology comes out, but also as it is adopted by consumers. This year and the next few years promise a variety of changes in the technology space, thus the trends are expected to change with it. Below, we will be going over some of the latest advertising trends online.

Latest Advertising Trends Online:

1. Live Video Streaming.

This is one of the most significant trends that is happening right now. Social media users and advertisers are quickly finding out that live video is not only here, but it is here to stay. More consumers than ever before are beginning to stream live (in the moment) content. Previously, this kind of technology simply did not exist for the average consumer as a result of technological limitations. However, consumers nowadays have access to faster Internet than ever before and more and more consumers have access to the Internet more often as well. Thus, this is quickly becoming a viable option for advertisers to leverage. This trend is expected to take off and be utilized by more brands than ever before.

2. Implementation Of Augmented Reality.

Another trend that is taking place right now is the emergence of augmented reality. While the enthusiasm of this new technology has largely died down, it is quickly becoming more and more appeasing to advertisers. This is because it offers a lot of different advantages to advertisers that are able to leverage this medium. Not only are users engaged with and ready for this kind of technology, but it is giving marketers and advertisers all kinds of earning potential that was never accessible previously. Thus, you can expect a lot of new advertisers and marketers to try to leverage this space and offer all kinds of different applications for it including games, ads, and more.

3. Focus On Native Advertising.

Another trend that has already been utilized by most advertisers and marketers that is expected to continue to grow is native advertising. While this is one of the oldest trends on this list, it is going to continue to grow at an alarming rate. As consumers look to ignore various forms of conventional advertising, native advertising is quickly becoming an absolute must do for advertisers and marketers online because it is still effective.

4. Dense High-Quality Content.

While this is another trend that has existed for quite some time, it is expected to continue in the online space because there is so much noise out there on the market. This is going to be necessary in order for marketers and advertisers to be able to cut through the content noise that exists in the space. Attention spans continue to fall at an alarming rate. As new technology comes out, we as consumers have become more impatient than ever before. As a result, advertisers and marketers must adapt and generate more high-quality content without over stating things and without making things unnecessarily long. Gone are the days of long landing pages and articles converting prospective customers into customers. Nowadays, you want to create dense but effective advertising and marketing campaigns that are going to cut through the noise and really provide users with what they are looking for. Because of things like Twitter having character limits, consumers have quickly become conditioned to enjoy things short and sweet. Thus, advertisers should take note and really adjust their approach.

5. Immersive Content.

Another trend that is likely going to emerge is the use of immersive content. This is due to the adaption and adoption rate of virtual reality and augmented reality. Because more and more consumers are going to have access to these kinds of technologies as new products enter the market, it is going to become an excellent place for marketers and advertisers to enter. Not only is it going to lead to immersive style advertising content which can be very effective, it might even help advertisers maximize brand loyalty in a way that could never be done previously.

Overall, there are a lot of trends taking place that advertisers and marketers will want to adhere to. By following the trends and adapting your approaches to meet them before your competition, you should be able to place yourself at a competitive advantage over them. It is important to really understand the things that are working and the trends that will continue to work for some time. By implementing these various trends into your marketing mix, you should be able to really reach your customer better than ever before and leverage new technologies and trends that can help you achieve the kind of results that you are looking to achieve with your advertising and marketing.


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